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2024        Workshop Instructors & Descriptions 

Session A.  Thurs. noon - 2:30pm

Wkshp # 1:  "A Floral Fusion" with Arlene Stewart        $85

The workshop attendees will use a structure made of bamboo slices bound together to enhance a floral design using a modern pottery container.  Some leaf manipulation techniques will be shown and incorporated.   Bring your florist scissors, U-glue dots or squares or double stick tape and some paddle wire for binding manipulated leaves. 

Session A.  Thurs. noon - 2:30pm

Wkshp # 2:  "Ribbons" with Bess Treadwell $85

-Attendees will learn an innovative way to create rhythm in your design with fiber ribbons using Stick weaving, a unique weaving technique.  Bring scissors.

Session C.  Fri. 9 - 11:30am

Wkshp # 5:  "Wave of Light" with Francine Thomas  $150

-framing your design.   Inspired by the Southern Lights over Antarctica, the attendees will make a unique design using a balsa wood frame which can be constructed in different ways, including vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal. Rhythm is heightened by using midellino sticks with the frames and adding flowers provided.  Once home, you can add special flowers to suit any occasion.  Bring your florist scissors, paddle wire.

Session D.  Fri. 1 - 2:30pm

Wkshp # 6:  "Power of Collages" with Gina Jogan $85

Attendees will be using a 9x12 art canvas and will choose provided components, such as, papers, fibers, fabrics, and plant material to create their unique art piece or petite staging panel.   Bring florist scissors and regular cutting scissors.  You may wish to bring your own fabrics, flat horticulture, snippets of lace, papers, anything you feel would enhance your collage…whether you plan on an “Art’ piece, or a staging panel will determine what you might want to put on your canvas.

Session B.  Thurs. 3 -5:30pm

Wkshp # 3:  "Infinity"  with Francine Thomas             $150

-The Rhythmic wire Circle frame of copper incorporates the flowers floating in space, all of which is elevated on a rhythmic stand. You will learn how to make the design which can be refreshed with flowers to suit any special occasion.Bring small pliers and florist scissors.

Session E.   Fri. 3 - 5 pm

Wkshp # 7:  "Fun with Ikebana" with Irene Gomulka $85

-Participants will make a freestyle arrangement using Ikebana principals and will receive a bamboo upright container along with floral materials.  Attendees will learn about the traditional essence of minimalism and the clean lines of Ikebana and asymmetrical design, along with the Ikebana methods of fixing floral materials.

Please bring florist scissors and floral wire.

Session B.  Thurs 3 - 5:30pm

Wkshp # 4:  "Anything Goes" with Betty Ann Galway $85

-Fun with fiber works.  Attendees will learn to innovatively cover 3 wire frames to be arranged on a provided stand and enhance the structure with yarn coils which can cover water floral tubes and create further rhythm in your design.  Bring scissors.  Optional - bring a drill to wind the fibers faster!  We will have some to share.

Session E.  Fri. 3 - 5 pm

Wkshp # 8:  "Inspirations" with Kathy Ward $85

-Botanical wearable art.   In this workshop, attendees will learn about different components, including seeds, pods, dried and fresh flowers, that can be used to make botanical necklaces.  Then you will have a chance to unleash your creativity using a variety of dried plant material to fashion your own wearable art – a necklace and earrings.  Bring your floral scissors, wire clippers and needle nose pliers. 

Click on the link below to obtain a printable listing of our Workshops:

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